Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I've been so busy lately. I thought things would slow down into a more normal routine... you know an almost boring routine like in years past. But no... it's been crazy around here. I joke that I'm not blogging much because I don't want to be stuck making such a huge blurb book next year. ;) Which, by the way, has shipped and I'm sure I'll be sharing it soon. Yay!

Really though, it's this:

Can you really be bothered to sit at the computer and blog when this is what's tugging on your leg? :) Kind of reminds me of this. Some of my favorite photos... a snapshot of my real life.

He just turned 7 months old on Sunday and yes, he's standing in that photo. He's so high maintenance now. I think this guy bonked his head about 100 times just over Thanksgiving weekend. (My sister can vouch for that.) He pulls up to everything, but just forgets what he's doing and lets go only to go crashing down. I have to follow him around and cushion his fall every 2 minutes. Not kidding.

Guess what he tried to do yesterday?
Climb the stairs.

Please, please stop growing so fast. I can't take it.

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DESTINY said...

He's a doll! Stairs! I am so not ready for that!!! Your neighbor gifts sound so so cute- saw it on facebook! I haven't even thought that far ahead yet- whoops!