Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Saturday - Chicago Trip Cont.

I know, I'm finally getting back to my blogging of our Chicago Trip. It's taking me a long time this year! Lots going on at home will be my excuse. ;)

Saturdays in the summer are always Lake days here... So, we spent the day with Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and lots of little kids. :) It was so windy that the water was really choppy and not worth boating much. The kids took a joy ride or two, but that's it.

Steve's Uncle Scott is always the one surrounded by the kids out there. He caught some minnows and the kids put them in this bucket and had way too much fun picking them up and playing with them. I don't think many survived that many hands, however. ;)
Our nephew, Tyler enjoying throwing rocks into the lake. Totally a boy thing.

Kanyon, Ella, and Lauren.
Kanyon proudly showing me his fish. :) Not sure if it was still alive at this point or not!
Our niece, Ally. Scarlett enjoyed her lots this trip and still talks about her.
I just loved Scarlett's lake hair... very crazy!

Scott and Ally holding Cohen. Between Ally and Ella, Cohen would have never been put down. It was great! :)
And lastly, Scarlett showing me her fish who undoubtedly was dead at this point. :)
Saturday Lake days are always the best. :)

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