Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sprinklers and Friends

On Friday, the kids and I went over to Jen's and let all the kids play. Jen hooked up the sprinkler and the kids ran through it. Well, I guess it was mostly Kanyon and Paityn running through it because Scarlett ran near it, but after a fall in the grass she was over it. So, she and Presley just hung around with Jen and I. Jen fought off 2 wasps that were determined to make our time outside not as fun. One didn't make it after she got out the spray. She's braver than I.

Kanyon and Paityn were so cute holding hands and running through the sprinkler. They totally feed off each other and are only as brave as the other one is.

Presley wasn't too into the sprinkler...
Here she is frozen in fear because she's being hit by water and doesn't know what to do... moments later she had turned around and was crying. Jen had to come to the rescue. Look at those curls though... I have totally hair envy for Scarlett. haha!
See why? She still has the barely there whispies... if it's not in piggie tails, it's crazy hair.
These two are so cute together. I love that they play together now.
I had to include this picture... Paityn smiling so cute and Kanyon giving me his "the sun is so bright" face. He totally gets that eye sensitivity from his dad. He's probably one of the only 3 year olds that actually needs sunglasses.

It was a fun morning and so nice to get out of the house (for me especially)... Cohen slept pretty much the whole time so he wasn't in on the outside fun, but he was there. :) Thanks to Jen and the girls for all the fun!


Jill said...

what a FUN day !!!!

my k MUST have sunglasses too ... hes JUST like daddy !!! ;)

Matt, Christie & Adilyn said...

Sprinklers r so fun for the kids yet shocking they can handle a cold sprinkler.

Jen Bird said...

I'm so glad you captured that! Now I might need to still those shots to jumpstart my blog! Thanks for coming over!