Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My dream of a sling

Finally... I was able to get my sling today from the post office. It's been held hostage there over the long holiday weekend after one attempted delivery that I wasn't around to accept. I only used it once this afternoon, but I was able to get so much done! It was great and Cohen was as happy as a clam in that thing all snug against my chest. It's the way he loves to be held the most, so I think he'll be half living in that thing during the day.
And just one to see what it really looks like. It was completely comfortable while I had it on for almost 2 hours today... and it's made of linen so it's great breathable fabric for the summer. It makes me want to throw my baby bjorn away! ;)
For anyone that is curious... it's a linen pure sling in cloud (but I don't see that as a color option anymore so maybe I got the last one) and I got it here.


Melissa said...

How easy was it to figure out? I shouldn't have waited this long to get one. I am kicking myself!

Team O'Connor said...

I love baby slings. I don't even have a kid and I want one. It's weird. You look great! Cohen is so cute and I'm glad you guys get to cuddle all day now :)