Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Pokadot Party for Scarlett

We just did a family party this year because I had so much going on this week that I didn't think I could handle a full on friend/family party. Scarlett didn't notice anyway and we still had a house full of people.

This was the invite I made and sent out.
And I kept the cake pretty simple this year in comparison to years past... as well as the decor. It must be the fact that I'm 37 weeks pregnant and just plain tired. ;)

Scarlett thoroughly enjoyed "her" day and was the happiest birthday girl. It may take some reminders that it's no longer her birthday. ;) Here she is watching her dad light her candles on the cake...
And my fav shot of the day... her face as we're all singing "Happy Birthday" to her. She was loving it, although a little embarrassed too. ;)
Trying to blow out the candles... although I think her cousin, Maddi (in the background with her mouth open) actually blew them out for her. ;)
Enjoying a cupcake... and I think she actually finished off a few other abandoned cupcakes at the little kid's table that afternoon. I found her with several different shades of frosting on her face. ;)
My 2 year old girl... can't believe how quickly time passes. She's growing up so fast.
And the sugar high coming out of the birthday girl.
Thank you to all the family that came! I really should have gotten pictures of everyone there. I need a clone of myself so I can run the party and take pictures too. ;)


Mical said...

Such a fun party. I love the embarassed face while we were singing!

stacey said...

Oh my. She looks so grown up walking around with her balloon. It looks like a wonderful party for your beautiful little birthday girl.