Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Birthday, Scarlett and Mom!

I guess I'm actually 4 minutes late posting this, but Scarlett turned 2 today and my mom turned... well, she says 29. But, my sister actually turns 29 at the end of this month, so..... ;) Cat might be out of the bag. We're doing Scarlett's party tomorrow, but we had a banana split celebration for my mom tonight at my house. Kind of a fun change from the normal birthday cake routine and I knew we'd have that at the party tomorrow anyway.

I have not wanted to pick up my camera at all lately... so uncreative and burnt out these days. However, Steve pulled it out and made me take a few shots. Would you believe I didn't get one of my mom at her own celebration? In my defense, they were caught in some major traffic and the kids ate their ice cream before she even got there and that's when I had the camera out.

Yummy ice cream sundaes...
My sister's daughter, Callie - turning 4 next month.
Kanyon and his best buddy and cousin, Caden. Caden is going to be 6 next month but these two were inseparable.
Little Cole... 18 months. He and Scarlett had kind of a love/hate relationship this week. haha!
Here Scarlett is the morning of her birthday, opening a couple presents from people that wouldn't be at her party on Saturday.

She loved it and I'm pretty sure she opened all of my mom's gifts for her that night too. A little hard to turn it off when you share a birthday with someone else. ;)

It was such a fun week for me and my kids because my sister was up with her 4 kids for their Spring Break. We played hard and although 6 kids under age 8 was a little chaotic at times... it was lots of fun and we'd do it again in a heartbeat.

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Mical said...

Yes we would!! Are you missing us yet? ha!