Monday, April 13, 2009

Coloring Easter Eggs

After the party that day, some naps for the kids, and a yummy dinner out at the local Thai place... we headed home for some egg coloring. The kids were more involved this year and quite opinionated on their eggs. I think Scarlett would have had all pink eggs if I hadn't encouraged her a little more variety and Kanyon would have had all "batman" eggs if that were an option. ;)

Yes, we stripped the kids down to undies and diapers. No sense in ruining clothes. ;)

Steve documenting the egg coloring.
Scarlett requested a dog on one egg... Steve was impressed with my artistic skills with an invisible crayon. haha
And so sorry for the dreadful picture. My external flash may have bitten the dust because I could not get it to work for the life of me that night. So, considering it was dark out and I had no flash... this is the best I could do. :P
I crack up seeing Kanyon in just his undies because he's SO skinny (and the fact that he's super white makes it even better).


Mical said...

Nice dog drawing. That looks alot like the dogs we used to draw all the time when we were little. haha!:)

Meghan said...

no, really Mical... that is the VERY dog we used to draw when we were little! ;) Just goes to show how artistic I really am! :P

Lisa said...

CUTE birthday party. Happy Birthday to you too :)
Where did you get the polka dots that you put on the cake?? Ella's party is unicorn and i saw the cutest cake at target that was white with polka dots. i thought I could recreate it myself but did not know where to find those polka dots. I have 2 unicorns to stand on top the cake.

Meghan said...

Lisa - Those dots on the cupcakes and the actual cake are just those Necco candies. I just bought a bunch and picked out the colors I needed.