Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday

We had a busy Easter Sunday, but it was full of family. We did our egg hunt with the kids that morning and then rushed off to see Steve's brother Ken and his family bless their new baby girl, Tehya. Lucky for us, on the drive over we heard an awesome summary of the Easter story by Elder Holland on the radio. Really, it was all I we needed as a reminder for what that day is really celebrating. The kids were even quiet on the drive... We spent some time at Ken's home after for some yummy food and had a hard time tearing the kids away. They love to play with their cousins.

We went home for naps and then headed out to my parent's house for an Easter dinner with my side of the family. It was really good and the kids just really enjoyed playing there. Kanyon comes home with a bag of new toys after shopping in my mom's basement in my brother's old toys. He loves it. We headed home and put the kids to bed. A full day, but a fun one spent entirely with family.

My kids were less than cooperative that morning before running out the door... so this is all I got.

Thanks guys.

Oh well, I didn't have a second to even bother getting them Easter clothes, so we found things that would work for the day in their closets despite that. ;) Maybe if I hadn't had 5 extra guests in the house, a couponing class, 2 birthday parties, a baby blessing to attend, and Easter all in one week/weekend then I could have gotten that done. ;)

Kanyon got a new bike for Easter, so I'll try and take pictures since I got his seat adjusted at the bike shop this morning. He's anxious to ride it and it's a beautiful day today! :)


stacey said...

I love Kanyon's hair! What a heart breaker he is going to be. Scarlett's face in the first picture is just too much. :) I'm glad you had an Easter filled with family. What a perfect way to spend the day.

DESTINY said...

They look darling. Scarlett's party was so cute- great job! I love her shabby baby dress! Now all you need to do is have that baby boy!

Mical said...

They look very springy! Darn those 5 extra guests!!!!! :)

Meghan said...

Mical - haha! I'll take the 5 guests over Easter outfits any day. ;)