Monday, April 13, 2009

Bubbles and Bike Riding

I know, I'm a marathon blogger today.

I just want to be caught up and I'm feeling more motivated to take pictures because of the Spring changes going on outside. The trees are blooming, the mountains are turning greener (at least where there still isn't snow), and it was just plain nice out today. Not too hot, not too cold. A good day for bubbles and bike riding, so we did just that after naps this afternoon.

A shot for Auntie Alex of the shoes she and my brother Trevor gave Scarlett for her birthday. She loves them and they fit perfectly! Thank you!!:)

The bubble part didn't last long because Kanyon was so anxious to test out his new bike that he got for Easter. He was nervous at first and didn't understand why he couldn't pedal backwards like on his tricycle (which Scarlett is now learning how to pedal)... but he caught on quick and seriously was a pro in no time at all. I couldn't help but wonder where the time went as I watched him race around our sidewalks and driveway leaving skid marks where ever he stopped. I don't know that those training wheels will be on for long.

Kanyon insisted on riding all the way through the park on his new ride, so we stopped for Scarlett to see the horses in the field next to it. She was a little disappointed at how far away they were today. But, it didn't stop her from climbing out and staring through the fence for a few minutes. She and her new baby doll from Grandma Jill, of course. This baby has been everywhere already today... swim lessons, the doctor... she just couldn't be forgotten for a walk to the park and even went on the swings with Scarlett.

And just a snapshot on our way back home through the park... I had to tell Kanyon to slow down because he was leaving us in the dust. It didn't help that at that point Scarlett insisted on pulling her baby in the wagon with zero help from me. ;) That's okay... I can only waddle so fast at a ripe 37 weeks pregnant.
There had better be many more days like today in the near future because it's about time for Spring to be here to stay!!


Alex (and Trevor!) said...

Meghan! Those shoes were cute in the box, but SOOO cute on her! I almost died of giggles when I saw the picture! I'm glad she likes them! :) What a cute girl you have. And a cute boy too! We love your family!

Mical said...

Scarlett is so cute with that little baby. I bet Mom would be thrilled.

Isn't it funny to think that Scarlett has no clue that her world is about to be ROCKED in 3 weeks?! She should be the one enjoying these last few weeks, if she only knew. ;)

Meghan said...

Alex - I know, right?? Love them... and they went with her "Pebbles" shirt perfectly. ;) Good pick!

Mical - yeah... she loves babies... but one that she has to share her mom with? hmm, not sure about that! ;)

allison said...

glad you guys had a nice day! i love the shot of scarlett looking through the fence holding her baby. sooo cute! and kanyon is a pro on the bike, huh? we're getting k one soon but i don't know that he'll do that well!

btw, i can never get over how breathtakingly gorgeous it is up there!