Friday, April 24, 2009

Pizza and Cupcakes

We loved getting to spend our morning and some of the afternoon with the Brotherson's. It was Baylee's official 1st birthday today so we made sure to do a little celebrating with cupcakes. The kids play so good with each other and Jen and I get to catch up until it's way past when I should have gotten home already. :) We love hanging with them and are sad to see them leave for the summer!

Some pics from the afternoon...
Miss birthday girl, herself. Don't you just love her "I'm 1" party hat?

Yummy cupcakes!

It was such a fun day and Kanyon has been talking about a sleepover at Blakes all day after seeing the extra bed in his room and checking out his cool Batman PJ's. Um, yeah, I think we'll be waiting a bit for something like that since our one and only sleepover at our cousin's just a couple of months ago required a 2am pickup time. ;)

Also, I have to say congrats to my sis-in-law, Alex. She graduated from BYU today and we saw her walk this evening! We had a fun dinner at Mimi's Cafe and didn't get home with the kids until after 10pm. I think that might be a new record for us on late nights with the kids. They dropped like flies in their little beds tonight... and I'm about to drop into mine too! ;)


Jen said...

We had so much fun with you guys! Thanks for the pictures! For some reason my blogger hasn't been uploading pictures?! It's getting real frustrating!

Lisa said...

HI there ,
I have another blog question for you!!
How do you get so many pictures on one post? and you are able to right something in between the pics.
I just know how to do the standard "post"
Does this question make sense?
I hope you are doing well. Any day :) :) :)

Kerry S said...

Ahhh... beautiful! I miss taking snapshots of my family, but all I get are scowls and silly faces!