Thursday, April 23, 2009


I've decided that I think way to much about a project I want to do and then never seem to actually do it. So, finally yesterday after just deciding to take the plunge, I whipped up these two little things:

Super simple. Obviously I didn't make the shirts... just added to them. I see these kinds of things all the time at little boutiques for $20-$30 a piece and just can't spend that much when it's so easy. Scarlett's tank top was $4 at Target and I had the scraps. Pretty cheap, but much cuter than the plain tank. I've had all the stuff since March and here I am at the end of April actually doing it. I've found that my sewing machine won't do the stitches I want it to, so that's on my list of things I need now... a better sewing machine. ;) It's a good project for using up scraps of material which I have a lot of right now. I have some shirts for Kanyon, I just have to figure out what to put on them that he'll love.
Scarlett's "piggies" are getting longer... it's crazy how fast they are growing already. It's been 2 months to the day since this post. I think this will be the year for her to get hair and that makes me happy.
I had to include this picture that Kanyon made me take of him a couple days ago. I'm so happy that he's found a new shirt he likes... other than his super hero shirts of course. He's been asking for skateboard lately and I've had to tell him maybe once he learns to ride his bike. But, really I'm afraid to get him a skateboard ever because of how badly kids get injured on those things. I still remember falling off one when I was younger. Maybe he'll forget about it. ;)
And my next SP for week 17... I let the kids for the first time ever, touch my camera! eek! Yeah, I was nervous, but they loved it and each took turns taking a picture of me for this week. They did pretty good, but I'm afraid I may have opened a can of worms and they may be asking more often to take pictures with my camera. I'll have to keep it up high. ;)
Not too shabby for a 2 and 3 year old, eh?


Team O'Connor said...

I can not believe how big your stomach gets! You're tough.

embee said...

shirts like those sell for sooo much on etsy! good job!

(have you seen the necktie one? you should totally make one of those...)

Meghan said...

embee - yes! Thank you for the reminder... I had forgotten that I'd seen those before. Definitely a more comfy way to take the little mister to church without dealing with a stuffy button up shirt for the summer. Thank you for the reminder. Certainly going to be next on my list! :)

Jill said...

oh i LOVE the idea ... SO cute

k LOVES my camera & i honestly i think it helps me get good pics of him. just add it to your homeowners insurance that way you have a back up plan ;)

Rachel said...

Do you use wonder under for the shirts?

Meghan said...

Rachel - yeah I used some fabric stabilizer... it's a little rough going without that.