Monday, April 27, 2009

My silly kids

If I had my video camera out I would have recorded my cute kids this morning playing together in the kitchen. They had this Spiderman laptop and I don't know what Kanyon was doing, but it had Scarlett laughing hysterically. Next best thing... I grabbed my camera and snapped a couple pics. How I love the relationship these two have formed!

We had a little lunch out at our goto Pizza stop today. I really have NO food in the house so this was more because of that than anything. ;) A grocery shopping trip needs to happen in the next day or so because we're in desperate need.

These 2 love the pizza place, so I can't even feel guilty about it! :)

Love a Saturday afternoon during naps! I was going to take a nap myself, but figured I'd do this quick item instead. Super easy... thanks embee for reminding me of it!

I happened to have this fabric that looked like perfect "tie" material... the little man will be stylin'.


Jill said...

how CUTE are they ?!?! love it

that onesis is FREAKIN adorable

DESTINY said...

So cute. Love the onesie!

Lisa said...


Danny and Becky DuPaix said...

very cute! I love those shirts, I have many..

Anonymous said...

As always your photography is so beautiful. (I want to get a new camera soon!!) Looks like it won't be long until you get to meet the new little one! I'm so excited for you!!!! TinaC (from July 05 SAHMs/BBC)