Friday, February 20, 2009

Time to pack up!

So, we are leaving on a red-eye tonight and although Steve and I have decided that we are ready to be back in our own house and beds again, it's sad! :( I actually just think I'm dreading the flight home... seriously, a red-eye with 2 kids under 4 (one of them a lap child) and my big ol' belly? Ugh. :P Be thinking of us that we make it through the night without ticking off those around us. ;)

So, the last pics from yesterday...
We went to Shipwreck beach one last time. I told Steve that it was really all for him because if you asked the kids what they wanted to do, they would say that they wanted to go to the pool. ;)

Look at all Scarlett's hair! ;) (although there is still not much in front) I even bought some little hair things and clippies. We'll see if I can wrangle the little bit she has into pig tails. It's going to take a lot of water and hair spray! You know I'll be sharing pics if I get it to work. ;) Her hair has gotten pretty blonde while we've been out here in the sun. I've had many people ask where my kids get the light coloring. haha! Guess I don't look like I am a natural blonde these days!
I just loved Scarlett's face in this picture. She SO loves to hang out with Kanyon and be a big girl. I think this face shows her adoration for him (when they are getting along of course!).
I couldn't resist taking some pics of the boogie boarders out there! There was one that was pretty good and doing all sorts of flips on the waves. If I would have actually gotten up from my towel maybe I could have gotten some better shots, but I'm lazy. ;)

And a couple pictures of the kids in the bath last night. I'm amazed that Scarlett and Kanyon can have such different skin color coming from Steve and I. Scarlett gets so tan and Kanyon looks like he's never seen a day of sunshine in his life. (seriously) He's so white still!

The magic of Kanyon's "invisible" hair when wet. ;) It still works!

You can see their coloring here... censored for the weirdos out there. ;) Both in Hawaii for the last 2 weeks slathered in 50 spf... Kanyon's "tan" is Scarlett's naturally white skin color. haha! I was laughing while taking this shot because they look like they are being arrested.
We'll see if I get around to taking some pictures today while we're trying to entertain the kids... our flight isn't until 9:30pm. If I do, there'll be one more post on the trip when we get home on Saturday. Sorry for the continuous overloads on pics, but it's all for the blog book since scrapbooking and I haven't meshed for a while now. ;)


Madeline said...

Wishing you a safe,uneventful flight. The pics are great--it looks like you had a wonderful time. As I sit here in my fleece bathrobe, I'm totally jealous!

stacey said...

Hope you're home and resting! I can't help but giggle at the last picture. That's too cute. And I would love to tan as well as Miss Scarlett!

Jill said...

hee hee at the 'arrested' pic !!!!

looks like you all had a blast, hope that jet lag is almost gone.

Mical said...

Love the last picture! I hope you are home resting. Traveling can be exhausting. Sorry no phone call. That was a crazy night and then I left with 2 of my kids for St. George Friday and Saturday. I will have to call you today. Ryan is working.