Sunday, February 22, 2009

So nice to be home!

For our last day and trip back home, it was definitely eventful.

Early that Friday morning, Steve took the kids to the hot tub (we jokingly called it the "warm tub" because it wasn't even remotely hot) for a last little swim. Kanyon is such a fish. We're putting him back in his private swim lessons in April this year but he's grown so much just in the 2 weeks in Hawaii. Scarlett got pretty brave too so I hope she does well when we put her back in the lessons too.

Kanyon and his pink goggles he picked out last summer at his swim lessons. I think he's a less thrilled about the pink now that he's a little older. ;) I'm sure he'll insist on some new ones and these will be handed down to Scarlett.
The only flower shot my entire time in Hawaii. So sad! I snapped this randomly on the way back to the condo from the hot tub that morning.
Scarlett's ritual of having the stone lion bite her hand every time we left the pool area. Kids and their routines... She would say "ouch!" every. single. time. ;)
We packed up and left our condo by 11am and had this grand plan to grab lunch on the go and let the kids sleep in the car while we drove up to see Waimea Canyon. We had been there before, but figured it was a good way to kill some time on Friday. Well, the kids didn't sleep more than about 45 minutes in the car and we still had a ways to go. We stopped and got them sandwiches and fed them on the way up. We stopped for about 10 minutes at the lookout up top before hopping back in the car for the drive back down. It's a winding road and because of that, Steve was already feeling a little car sick... but we should have watched the kids because about 2/3 of the way back down Scarlett threw up. ;) Yay. We pulled over to clean it up and in doing so got eaten alive by mosquitos! They were still in the car when we got back on the road and I think that's where I got bitten the most. Steve even had a huge bite on his forehead.
After ridding ourselves of the mosquitos, we stopped at Lappert's for ice cream. It was really good, although 2 seconds after having her ice cream, Scarlett's plopped on the ground. Whoops! She still loved every bite! haha
We made the very long trek from the South West corner of the island where the road to the canyon is to the North East corner to visit the Kilauaea Lighthouse. We had to get there before 4pm because it closed then and we missed that on our trip to the North side last time. We literally got there at 3:55pm and they wouldn't let us in! *sigh* Lovely. We just drove for hours and had to turn back around since the airport and places to eat were back the other way. Oh well, the kids enjoyed the lighthouse from afar. ;)
We didn't sleep a wink on the red-eye, but the kids each got about 3 hours or so. I'm still not feeling like myself but hopefully in the next couple of days we'll get caught up on sleep. That is it on pictures from our trip (that I bothered with editing anyway) and I'm glad to be caught up and done!! :)

A big thanks to Steve's mom and Barry for giving us such an awesome deal on their time share while they're serving in Romania. We loved our time there, but missed having you there with us this time around!


Mical said...

Oh my heck! I was laughing out loud reading this. Totally picturing a big bump on Steves forehead. I am glad you had fun! And I am glad you are home too. :)

Cristal said...

Sorry about the vomit and mosquitoes. The lighthouse picture is BREATHTAKING!