Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kauai Trip Continued...

Yes, we are still here. :) It is coming to a close soon, so we are enjoying our final days.

We took the kids to Lydgate Beach where there is a really fun playground that Kanyon loved that last time we were out here, so we took the kids this time too. It was a fun change for them. I had a hard time capturing Kanyon there because he found a friend and was immediately off and running around and I hardly saw him. He is so friendly and just makes friends wherever we are, it's sweet.

Lydgate Beach is nice because it has this enclosed area so the waves are minimal and the kids can play easier at the water's edge. Lots of people were snorkeling and the kids got to see some crabs as well as chase the birds (Scarlett's favorite). :)

Haena State Park Beach. This is about the furthest north/west you can go on the island of Kauai before you run out of road because of the Na Pali coast on the west, and it's a gorgeous beach! Definitely more dangerous water though, so we didn't get in, but took a break from our drive that day there on the beach. There was a dry cave there too, but Kanyon didnt' want to go in it even after I told him that it was probably the kind of cave that Batman lives in. haha! Kanyon's pretty cautious.

Back at the pool where our condo is...

My self portrait this week... not feeling the creativity this time! ;) But this is a likely place to find me during the kids nap each day while we're out here.

The kids favorite beach still is Shipwreck Beach just down from where we're staying. This particular day, they let Dad bury them. A very sandy bathe that night!
We took a walk one morning early waiting for it to be warm enough to swim. This shot was completely Steve's idea, taken from behind. He's getting better with the camera, but I still have to adjust the settings before he snaps. :)
Back at Shipwreck Beach that day...

Kanyon practicing his surfing skills on the boogie board. He told us yesterday that he wants a batman surf board so he can stand, not a boogie board to lay on. ;) I told him we'd get that for him just as soon as we lived on the ocean! :P

You can see in this picture the stormy clouds. We've dealt with a few showers here and there, but mostly the weather has been perfect. :)

Scarlett is perfectly content at the beach until she gets a taste of salt water. She runs crying to me for a drink everytime. I can't say I blame her... salt water does not taste good! ;)

We visited Waimea Falls this time around too and it was a much fuller waterfall this year. I played with shutter speed a little in this one... although without a tripod, so there is a little camera shake. ;)
Whew! A marathon post! ;) Maybe only one more to come before we're back in the winter weather.


Jen Bird said...

So pretty! Bottle up some of that sand for me!! See you soon!

M to the E to the R to the I said...

We miss u!!

Melissa said...

Living so vicariously through you on this trip! Love the pics, Meghan.

stacey said...

I think I'm going to have to hire you as my personal travel agent when I finally manage to get out there (so hard to think of coming from this coast). Every picture you take is more beautiful than the last. Loving the one of the kids buried in the sand.