Friday, January 9, 2009

Sledding this morning!

After our last time in the canyon during a storm, I figured we wouldn't be going again anytime soon... but the kids and I had Jen to show us a really fun hill this morning. We met up with Christie and Addilyn (sp?) there too. The kids had a ball! Kanyon was so brave this time and even went down this giant hill all by himself. He and Paityn were hilarious together and caught a good foot of air on one trip down. Too bad Scarlett has had this cold and was kind of a bum in the cold weather, but it was worth going just to hear the giggling from the other kids as they went down. I'm actually looking forward to another trip to that hill! :)

Christie and Presley in the back and then Kanyon, Addilyn, and Paityn on the sled. We had a crash on the sled with these 3 once and I think they preferred the tubes after that. :)
Scarlett had her fun doing other things. ;)
I tried to catch them going down, but this run they didn't really get air like before.

It was hard to get the older 2 to want to be done! We'll have to bring the Dads next time... they would have loved seeing Jen run down Kanyon and Paityn at the bottom of the hill like bowling pins on her turn! :)


Cristal said...

oh, fun! i lol'ed at the "rn them down like bowling pins" part of the story!

Cristal said...

run, i mean

nancy said...

Could I please get your address?

Thanks Nancy

Jen Bird said...

we have GOT to do that again!! I don't think I've stopped laughing. Let's get the hubbys to go too! Maybe this week??