Saturday, January 3, 2009

Already a year!

I can't believe that my best friend from high school's little guy, Braigen, is already about to hit the 1 year mark... You may remember him here and here from some other photo sessions we've had together as a newborn and at 6 mos. Also, I guess I ought to count this session too since he really was present there as well. ;) He is growing up so fast and getting cuter by the second. I love to have them come for a visit since we're an hour and a half away in distance. Always a fun excuse to see Mindy... He has the most gorgeous blue eyes, just like his mama. haha! Love this face. Kisses for his big brother, Bo. And a picture in his cute santa suit... although it's a little late we couldn't resist! :)
Can't wait for another excuse to see them again!


Tracey said...

i'm glad you put the santa suit on him. that is precious any time of year!

Lisa said...

I LOVE that mini santa suit... where did you find it?

Meghan said...

Lisa - Mindy provided the santa suit, but I believe she said she just picked it up at the good ol' Wal-Mart. :)