Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A new Favorite Book

Kanyon loves picking out a new book every couple of weeks out of my stash of books I bought while I was student teaching. I knew they would come in handy even though I was pregnant with Kanyon at the time and wouldn't be taking a teaching job at the end of the year. 2 nights ago, this was Kanyon's pick: In my opinion, it's a classic and I didn't think anything of it as Steve started to read it to Kanyon before prayers. I watched Kanyon's wide eyes as Steve got through the parts where the teacher breathes fire on the little boy and leaves just a pile of ashes, where she removes another boys head and puts it on the globe stand for laughing, or the girl she eats whole... Steve stopped a couple of times and asked if I was sure this was okay for Kanyon to read. I just laughed and said, oh he's fine. And he was! He asked to sleep with the book in his bed that night and we read it several times the next day. Last night after I read it to him (Steve was at a YM activity) and was putting him to bed, he requested that this book "sleep in the closet so it doesn't scare me". Whoops! Guess it did have some effect on him after all... So, I told him he would be just fine and put it in the closet to "sleep" for the night. Books are just pretend and everything in the book, stays in the book. He was satisfied and went to sleep fine. I just laughed about it later when I told Steve about it. Kanyon is just getting at a really fun age where the imagination runs wild and there are stories that last for 10 minutes that he'll tell us. I'm always waiting for what I'll hear next out of him... Well, tonight I was out washing some pans and Steve had been reading the book to Kanyon and Scarlett as part of the bedtime routine... I guess Steve got to the part where she turns a little boy into a frog and instead of saying "abracadabra kazam!" like it says in the book... he said something like "acracadabra kazoo!" (Steve is known to ad-lib quite a bit when he's reading) Kanyon told him that wasn't the right words, stopped Steve mid-read by removing the book from his hands, and came out to me in the kitchen. He said this: "Mom, I want you to read this to me because Dad is having a hard time with it." I couldn't stop laughing and Steve was slightly offended. He said he was even reading it with energy and all. Apparently, that's not good enough. ;) It must be exact. And then, once again it was requested that the book "sleep in the closet". I really love this age... these kids of mine bring me so much joy!

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