Wednesday, January 28, 2009

V-Day Shoot with the Kids

Well, it's getting to be that time of year... again. I took a couple of snaps for the kids' V-Day cards that we send to our family and some of their friends each year. They weren't too cooperative until I got the "special drink" into their grubby little hands. Then they were angels. It was so nice!

An outtake... checking setup and lighting. They are looking at their Dad who gave me a few moments from his work day to lend support. And after seeing that pic, I had Kanyon change his pants since they weren't looking so great in this setup. Scarlett's little sweat suit is actually her friend Halle's that was just perfect for this occasion. ;)
And just 2 shots from the bunch I took... not appearing on their Valentines, of course. :) I'll post the actual card on V-day since we'll be in Hawaii and I won't be having tons of time to edit and post pics for the blog anyway!

Scarlett, not looking a bit sassy right here, which was so nice to see!
Kanyon enjoying his drink... it was actually the invisible colored kool-aid with heart-shaped ice cubes made from red kool-aid. They loved the sugar high. ;)
Only a couple more days left in January! Yay!

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Lindsay said...

Meghan these pictures are adorable!!