Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Frosty the snowman...

(day 359)

A fun start to our Christmas Eve, we finally took the kids out to play in the snow! Scarlett even just sees snow and says, "Snowman!" so we figured it was high time we got out there and built one. Both of my kids know quite a bit of the first verse of Frosty the Snowman too and it's so cute to hear them sing it together.

Steve was like a kid out there and Kanyon had a ball with him. Scarlett enjoyed it as long as she was upright. ;) Here they are digging out a little igloo from the pile of snow pushed off our driveway.
Scarlett did not like being in it, but we couldn't resist seeing if she could fit!

And our little snowman we built. The snow was so powdery that it wouldn't even hold a shape so we had to just find existing clumps of snow to make this little guy. We're definitely going to have to try again when the snow is a little wetter.

Scarlett LOVED him. Here she is kissing his carrot nose. ;)
Burying Dad. Scarlett was really concerned and kept telling him to get up.

We're supposed to be getting more snow tomorrow, on Christmas day, so hopefully we can redeem our snowman building skills! :)


Melissa said...

Thanks for sharing your white Christmas with those of us that are snow-challenged. :-)

Lisa said...

so fun!!! Merry Christmas!!