Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve at the Shipp's

We headed up to my parents' house for the evening and enjoyed dinner and a gift exchange with everyone there. It was fun and the kids got so wound up with all the excitement. We really missed Mical's family though! Trev and Alex came late because Alex had to work, so they had a romantic candlelight dinner alone... well, as romantic as it can get with me and my camera. :P Scarlett with her infamous scowl... I just caught a bad moment because she was really enjoying playing with Great Grandma Deanna while we waited to start gifts. Maybe she was irritated at the interruption. :P Kanyon and Scarlett's favorite gifts of the night were these rolling backpacks from my parents. They just wheeled those around and stuffed their loot in them the rest of the night. These little gifts will be very useful in 6 weeks when we take our Hawaii trip. ;) Ahh yes, just 6 weeks... Me, courtesy of Steve, looking all nice and round. The bunch, minus Steve who was the photographer for this picture. We didn't get home and get the kids into bed until after 10pm and we decided that was way too late. Steve and I were exhausted and our night had just begun. ;) We decided that we'll be putting a stricter time limit on the festivities for our family next year! And the reason for the 1am bedtime... the kids had been very good this year.

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Danny and Becky DuPaix said...

it looks like you had such a great Christmas! By the way, i love your hair brown!