Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day

Would you believe these are the only 2 photos I have of Christmas day? Sad, but true. I was living in the moment instead of trying to capture it, I guess you could say. It was nice, but for once I wish someone else could take the photos so I still had them. ;) Steve was really good with the video camera that morning though and I'm glad for that.

Kanyon and Scarlett are eating breakfast... Scarlett with her new Ariel dishes that Santa brought and Kanyon with his transformer which may just be one of his favorite gifts this year.
It was a really nice morning with the kids and it was so fun this year with their excitement. After their naps that afternoon, my parents and little bro (just Trent because Troy hadn't been feeling well) came over for a dinner that I had spent all afternoon on. It was fun to do for once and I should have made a point to get some pictures, but of course, I didn't! There's always next year because Steve and I are starting this tradition of dinner at our house on Christmas day for whoever happens to be in town.

We were sure missing Steve's mom and Barry this year! Especially when I was attempting to make her rolls. ;) Attempting is the key word there because they never really got finished, haha! But, we were lucky enough to get to talk to Brenda via Skype for a few minutes that afternoon.

After dinner, we watched "Mama Mia" together. That was one of the items that Steve had put in my stocking this year (he outdid himself as usual even though he was not supposed to). It was a really nice day, but I'm glad for Christmas falling so close to a weekend because I need some more time before I have to get back in the swing of regular life again!

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