Friday, November 21, 2008


(day 326)
No 19 month old little person should be allowed to like a movie this much. Especially a movie with parents as mean as the ones in Matilda. She will think that all Principals are mean and will threaten to put her in the "chokey". I'm waiting for Scarlett to start calling Kanyon a "little twit". Maybe... just maybe, then, I'll hide this movie from her. Because, honestly, right now it makes her so happy. :)


Jill said...

HA HA HA !!!! i LOVE that movie

shes TOOOOO cute

((LOVE the new blog header))

stacey said...

She has good taste in movies. Now, if she starts pointing at things and making them move? That's when you really need to take it away.

Weston and Nicole said...

That is just the cutest little pose in front of the TV. Love how close she is to that huge screen! Great picture.

Jen Bird said...

That's hilarious! Isn't it funny how they pick a favorite movie and it could be the most random movie ever! I just love her!

The Young's said...

Such a cute picture! I actually just watched Matilda on tv last saturday.....some parts were kind of scary but I still love it;)