Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sibling Love

(day 255)

Today was a rare moment captured on the couch where Kanyon was actually enjoying having Scarlett sit by him. It's daily that I hear, "no mom! I don't want her here... she's touching my blankie... she's laying on me... mom, get her away!" I constantly tell him that she just wants to be with him, she loves him, etc but he doesn't seem to like that explanation. I feel sad for her because she really just wants to be by him. I think she feels big when she's sitting next to him and doing what he does. In all other situations, they seem to play together great! They hide from each other, chase each other, play in their playroom together, etc. It's just this sitting on the couch thing. So, today made me happy and Scarlett was just in heaven. :)

I remember just wanting to hang with my older sister when I was younger and for the most part we got along, but we had our moments like every sibling relationship. ;) I hope that Kanyon and Scarlett have a closeness similar to what my sister and I shared then and still share now... and I hope that Kanyon will watch out for her and protect her like I used to wish I had a big brother to do for me.


Jill said...

how cute !!!!!

Anonymous said...

SO tender. Kanyon is so stickin sweet. He will protect that little sister so well. Especially if he sees someone bothering her.
They are both SO DANG CUTE!!!! :)
I have already seen it with my girls. Someone taking something from Ally or maybe some little kid hit Ally and Ella defends her so quickly. it is SO heartwarming.
You will see how fast that sibling reacts!!!


Cristal said...

Awww, so sweet!

Melissa said...

I wanna check back in about 10 years and see how this is going! If my two older kiddos were sitting on the couch next to one another, somebody would definitely be being annoyed. ;)

Denise and Brandon said...

How sweet!