Friday, September 12, 2008

The Mailbox

(day 256)

Everyday, during the week, the kids and I go out to get the mail together... it's like an event. Scarlett holds my hand and walks to the mailbox and Kanyon immediately runs to the garage door begging to "ride bikes". It happens everyday. So, today we played outside per Kanyon's request...

I love Kanyon's low ride position on the PINK tricycle. ;) He's very cool, you know.


Melissa said...

Only a "real man" can pull of a pink 'ride'. WTG K!

Melissa said...

OOPS! That should have said: Only a "real man" call pull OFF a pink 'ride'.

stacey said...

What exactly is Scarlett doing in the third picture? She looks like she's either doing a flip out of the wagon or a handstand. ;) I love seeing your two kiddos playing together. I wish mine got along that well!

Meghan said...

Stacey - haha! I guess it kind of looks like she's performing some scary trick! She just barley bending over and holding onto the side of the wagon. I think it looks like her back is visible, but it's actually part of the jogging stroller in the background. I laughed when I looked at it again and realized what it looked like she was doing! ;)

Anonymous said...

That is so cute.
Ella LOVES going to get the mail. She is still pretty young, but, I let her go by herself. I usually try to keep and eye on her. But , she knows pretty well to stay out of the street. I am trying to teach her that the mail only comes once a day and it usually is in the afternoon.
Because, she wants to go and get it at 7:00 a.m. and then about 10 more times throughout the day ;)
She is getting better though :)
We will send a little something for both of them in the mail. Ella love it when she gets a "surprise" in the mail from family or friends :).
Its pretty cute.

stacey said...

=) Now I see it! Thank you!