Wednesday, July 2, 2008


(day 184)

Watch your heels at my house when Kanyon's on this car. It's actually Scarlett's that she got for Christmas last year, but Kanyon has seen the speed and is hooked. He seriously screams around corners and stops so fast that he spins in a half circle. Now that I think about that, maybe it's not the best for my hardwood floors. :P

Scarlett's latest new move is the ability to climb on chairs. She's not quick enough yet to know how to pull them out, but if they are pulled far enough away from the table, desk, etc... she's grunting and trying to get on it. And I'm sure now that I acknowledged that she doesn't know how to pull them out, I'll be retracting that statement very soon.
And no, I didn't let her play here. I snapped a quick picture and she was off! ;)


Mical said...

huh, something else for my kids to fight over while at your house. Get ready to hide a couple things...:)

Nikki Hansen said...

I don't know how you do it with mobile kids. I am sure they keep you busy. Oh yeah and keep working on that underwater handstand so you can beat Mary next time.