Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Kanyon and Paityn

(day 183)

I thought Kanyon was going to drive me crazy the last couple of days with how much he talked about Paityn and her coming to his house and calling her, etc. I don't know who spilled the beans that they were in town, but he wouldn't let it go! So, today he got his wish and Paityn came to play after his nap. He was in heaven. They played hard and had a great time. We sure miss our friends down the street when they're not here...
Paityn was such a cute helper with Scarlett. Scarlett was giving her hugs and just following the 2 around... Paityn earned it for pushing her in the swing so long. I may have to borrow her more often! ;)
I love to just sit and listen as these 2 have a conversation... what were they talking about here? Only just comparing "owies" from their many adventures. ;)
Scarlett has an affinity to tee ball and was practicing her skills for me. We may have an athlete on our hands!
Love our summer days... and I can't believe it's July!! My baby is going to turn 3 this month. :( *sniff* I was getting sappy watching old home videos from just last year while putting together his video for his birthday party. I can't believe what a little person he's turned into with opinions and a roaring imagination. He certainly keeps our lives interesting with his many tales.


Jen said...

I lvoe summer too! I just bought Blake that t-ball set 2 days ago he is obsessed! I leave for Lake Powell sat for a week but lets get together when i get back!

Mical said...

Wait until he's 7, then you'll really sit back and be like "what the crap?!" I so don't know where time goes. I can't wait to see you in 2 days! Yay!

Jen Bird said...

oh my cutest pictures and cutest little friends!! They are just the cutest little buddies! I still am still laughing about their phone conversation the other day..."Paityn did you see that?" How fun!

Lisa B said...

Those two are SO cute together!