Sunday, July 6, 2008

Out on the Lake

(day 187)

We took the boat out Saturday morning with Mical's family. It was fun because they don't get to do this often and most of their kids had never been on a boat before. I think we'll have to plan this every summer when they're up this way! :)

Kanyon has his Daddy's sensitive eyes... he's been wearing his sunglasses all week but I'll save that for another post. ;) Here he is telling me it's too bright along with his cousin, Maddi.
Caden was a FISH! He just jumped right off the boat and in... no fears from him!
Kanyon and his Uncle Ryan just chillin' off the back of the boat.
Mical greasin' up the kids. Coley was such a good boy even if the life jacket wasn't so fun.
Callie was pretty terrified on the boat... she didn't want to go, and you can see her clenching her mom's skirt. She had a near drowning incident not long ago and is not quite over it. Click here to read about it on my sister's blog. So scary. :(
Kanyon was a brave boy this time around and even went on the tube all by his big boy self. (I'm sure it had something to do with the enormous tube!) Scarlett wanted to get on the tube, but quickly changed her mind. ;)
Here's Callie getting braver and sitting on the tube by the boat... we were all so encouraging and I was excited that she was letting her guard down a little.
Pretty soon, she was lovin' the joy rides with the other kids! She and Kanyon are just beaming at each other on the way back to the marina. I thought that was so cute!
Scarlett on the other hand was tired and cranky (teething... again.) and didn't want Mom to leave her for a second to snap a few pictures.

My sister and I took a tube ride (thanks to steve's awesome driving) that resulted in 2 of the kids getting off crying... it was pretty wild. I was screaming like a little girl and getting tube burns. It was fun! ;)

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Lisa B said...

That looks like such fun. LOVE the tubing picture.