Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July

(day 186)

The 4th was a great time! We had my sister, Mical, and her family up and they stayed with us Friday and Saturday nights. We planned to hit the parade in Provo that morning, so Mical and I drove out Thursday night to put out our blankets and there was NOTHING. I mean, every place was covered in people already! Ugh. Anyway, we did find one spot that we thought was a good spot and just right at the beginning of the parade. But... it was not at the beginning and we just missed everything coming in front of us. Sad! Oh well, the kids still enjoyed themselves and could still see it - just at a bit of a distance. :P Here are a couple pics from that event.
The group of us... plus some random strangers.
Uncle Ryan was letting Scarlett wear his hat. She whipped it off about as fast as he could get it on.
Daddy was SO great and walked across the street and down a bit to let the kids see the parade up close.
Kanyon with Maddi and Callie. He loves his cousins when they are here to visit!
Our little 4th of July Family... I dressed the kids in red and blue, but didn't really realize that Steve and I were as well. ;) Are we just the matchy-matchy family.
After the parade and naps, we went over to my parents house for some dutch oven dinner and a little Guitar Hero. Gotta love that!
Scarlett is obsessed with shoes and will put on mine all the time. She ususally ends up screaming because she gets stuck or can't get her foot in after a few tries... sometimes I want to hide all the shoes from her. ;) Notice her face in this picture below... she's scowling because her foot is caught funny in my shoe. :P
I seem to concentrate so hard when I play this game that my contacts get all dry and watery and they sting. I hear that it's quite common, however. ;)
We headed back to our house for fireworks and fun later. My kids stayed up the latest I think they have ever stayed up and they had a great time this year. Kanyon was so scared last year that we stopped after just a few but this year, he warmed up to it and ended up doing a sparkler... although I was not informed so that I could document. :(

It was fun to have the Bird's join us all! We always love to see them when we can! Kanyon loves Devin. ;)

The spectacular display...

Cole wasn't so sure he liked this part of the evening!
A fun, but exhausting 4th! Can't wait till next year! :)

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