Monday, July 21, 2008

Chicago Trip - Tuesday, July 15th

There was still a "no wake" on Tuesday at Lake Holiday, so we improvised and played at the farm in the morning and hit the Lake to play on the beach with the kids.

Here's Kanyon and his cousins, Aliyah and Maya, in the back of the gator.

Don't they look too tiny?? Cute.
Kanyon on the gator and ready to go with his glasses... don't want to get hit with bugs! Not like Mom who got stung by a bee in the eyelid while driving the golf cart on the first night at the farm... I learned my lesson the hard way...
Scarlett and cousin Tyler playing in the sand together.
Aliyah, not wanting to look at me for a picture. ;)

Scarlett and Daddy on the wave runner... she looks so little here.
Maya, very seriously gathering water to bring back to the beach.
Aliyah and Babata
Allie, posing on the pier.

It was really beautiful there in the evening... and the kids were thoroughly entertained. It was a really relaxing day.

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