Sunday, July 20, 2008

Chicago Trip - Monday, July 14th

Because of all the rain from that storm on Saturday night, there was a "no wake" at Lake Holiday. It was such a bummer because that same thing happened to us last year and apparently it rarely happens. I think we're bad luck or something. ;) So, we decided to hit up this new waterpark that's about 20 minutes or so from Steve's dad's house. The kids had a ball and were so exhausted because we were there for almost 8 hours.

This was one area for younger kids...

Steve is never too far from "work". ;) On his phone no matter where we are or what we're doing!
Kanyon is the funniest kid... he played hard for a while and then decided he wanted to "get warm" and close his eyes. He never did really fall asleep, but he rested for a while. What kid does that at a waterpark??
Scarlett finally crashed and it was a good thing too because she was cranky! The "lazy river" did the job really well!

Kanyon was quite the pro going down this little green slide. He was even happier when Grandpa arrived and could catch him instead of mom and dad. ;)

After the waterpark and some dinner, we hit up the farm. It's best there in the evenings because it gets so hot and humid during the day. We didn't ride this day either, but the kids sat on the horse a little bit.

Jim got this dog a couple of months ago... his name is Ghost and he's a great dog. The kids loved him and he was so good to let them maul him. ;)

It's not a night at the farm without bringing out the go-cart and the gator. :)

It's even beautiful as the sun sets...

If we didn't have kids to get to bed, I would have wanted to stay longer!


Mical said...

Yay! I have been waiting for all of these. It all looked so fun. I loved Scarletts face with the popcicle. The storm looked so scary! Yikes. Glad you didn't see any tornados!!

Jill said...

how FUN !!!!!! LOVE That water park, I wish we had something like that close to us. Looks like you all had a blast !!!!

Jen Bird said...

I cannot get over how fun and huge that waterpark is!! How fun is that! And I loved seeing your pics of Chicago. The farm looks as gorgeous and fun as always!! Bummer about the no wake. What a fun place to visit! Brings back so many fun memories!

stacey said...

The farm is such a beautiful place. I love seeing the kids on the horses. And it's nice to see you for a change too.

Lisa B said...

That is some crazy waterpark!