Sunday, July 20, 2008

Chicago Trip - Sunday, July 13th

We went to church that morning, but right after Sacrament, we headed out to the farm because it was a gorgeous day! Kanyon hadn't seen the go-cart or horses yet this trip and was dying to see it all. I couldn't stop laughing at Scarlett and how even when cooing over the horses, who are 500 times her size, she would bend at her waist and put her little hands on her knees and talk to them like they were her "babies". She's getting such a personality and it's so cute!

Here's Kanyon relishing his first moments with the go-cart. I'm sure we'll hear about it all year long again like we did after our last visit.
Seeing the 2 newest horses of Steve's dad's... he now has 5.
We were watching some girls from the university ride in the arena...
That night was probably one of the most fun... just hanging with family at Scott and Lisa's house for dinner. The kids were having a ball and we were just dying watching them all interact now that they are all getting a little older. Here they are piling up on Grandpa! They all adore him, although I think Kanyon is less of adoration and more of obsession. ;)
I just LOVE this picture...
The entertainment for the evening was all the grandkids running around chasing a ball that Uncle Ken would throw high in the air. Kanyon wasn't holding anything back! haha! Here he is tackling Ella. Luckily there weren't really any tears, so that's good. ;)
Going after her again... he was quite the competitor! It doesn't help that all us adults were totally egging them on.
Aunt Lisa playing catch.
Cute little Tyler... he'll be one next month. Scarlett and he were buddies. He's Scott and Lisa's youngest of the 3.
Allie, 2 years old, one of Scott and Lisa's girls.
Ella, 4, Scott and Lisa's oldest.
Grandpa taking pics of all the kiddos playing.
Eating popsicles...
Scarlett was hilarious with her face everytime she took a bite of hers. Not sure if it was sour or if it was the cold... but I couldn't stop laughing!
Here's Ken, Babata and one of their girls.
Here's Steve's oldest brother Paul and Tracy with a couple of her kids. Kanyon just loved playing with Dane (on the right)... he kept talking about him through our whole trip. :) I think he just has something for the boys. He's surrounded by girls so much, I think it's a nice change.
That was such a nice day, weather-wise. We are so used to humid July weather when we're in Illinois... but there was no humidity that day - it was perfect.


Jill said...

Scarletts face is PRICELESS !!!!

HOw FUN with ALL those cousins.

Chocaholic said...

You have such a beautiful family. Scarlett's popsicle face cracks me up...So glad you had a fun trip!

Lisa B said...

All of your pictures are so full of life and fun.