Sunday, July 20, 2008

Chicago Trip - Saturday, July 12th

We played at the Lake house on Saturday. It's on Lake Holiday which is a small lake, but SO nice because the water is great there... you can't find water like that in Utah, it's all so choppy. I didn't really take many pictures that day because there were so many boats on the water, but I did catch the sky as a storm was coming in...
The storms in Illinois are SO cool. (okay, and sometimes a little scary!)

Speaking of storms... I have never seen a storm coming like I did Thursday night after flying in. I took this as we were driving from the airport to Steve's dad's house that night. I guess it's called a "wall cloud" and I was getting a little scared as it was creeping closer and closer to us!
Ack! We were driving into it! Steve kept telling me to keep my eye out for tornados... what?!?
Here's how Kanyon felt about the situation. :P See the storm out his window?
I guess I should have done a post for Thursday night instead... oh well! :P It was a little crazy with the downpour of rain that came with this storm and the wind... there was all sorts of debris flying on the road. But, we made it there safely. ;)

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Jill said...

thats REALLLY scary, but COOL shots. Poor Kanyon !!!!