Monday, July 21, 2008

Chicago Trip - Wednesday, July 16th

Finally, the "no wake" was lifted and we were out on the boat. I don't think I've ever played that hard on the water in one day. I think we were taking advantage of the opportunity since we'd been deprived for 2 days. ;)

Here is Aunt Deanna skiing up a storm and making me dread that I'm next in line to go. ;) Look at her spray!
So, lets be honest here... I slalom ski... but I'm embarrassed to say that I even do that because at this point, I still had never gone outside the wake. I know! What's the point, right?? Anyway... but you have to admit that I have the best faces and the most graceful falls. Check out these beauties that Steve captured...

Really concentrating... I mean business.
And the ride begins...

Yep, it's entertaining at least! Don't worry, I got more adventurous later in the day. ;)
Now on to the funniest part of the day... Steve's cousin, Jeff, got this grand idea to convince James to do some tandem wakeboarding. It was hilarious!! Here are just a couple...

Struggling to get up.
Yeah, he's up!
It wasn't a long ride, but my face hurt that night after going through the pics I got with the guys.
More of the boat...
Uncle Scott with Allie and Kanyon on the waverunner.
I know, this is major picture overload... but Steve couldn't narrow down his skiing pics to any less than these 4. ;) He was doing really well though!

Scott and Lisa lounging on the boat... It was great to have other adults around to watch kids while we went for a run on the boat. We took advantage of it since it was our last night there.
Steve's Dad, Jim. It was great to have him hang with us on the boat that evening.
Scott jumping the wake!
And, me again... outside of the wake for once! Although, my spray is almost nonexistant. ;) I'm determined to get better now!

Lisa even got out there on the wakeboard and she underestimated herself, she was great! :) She got up on the first try even though she warned us she wouldn't.
I caught a good fall, too! :)
While we were out, Steve's Uncle Scott was fishing with the kids on the end of the pier. Kanyon had caught this fish and was so proud!
Ella was his fishing buddy and she caught a good one too! :)

Ewww, worms!
They even had a net and caught a bunch of guppies near the shore of the beach. Kanyon was excited, but a little nervous at how quickly they moved and jumped all over on the sand as he was trying to pick them up. Here he is with Ella, Nathan (Deanna's son who Kanyon was loving playing with!) and Uncle Scott.
Later, just before bed, Kanyon caught a 12in. walleye with the help of Uncle Scott reeling him in after he realized how big he was. The best part? It was with a Barbie fishing pole! haha! I guess they have sharp teeth and feed on fish... yikes! The hook went in a little deep and it was bleeding out one of the gills and Kanyon told me that the fish had a bloody nose on his cheek. Ha! Can you tell this kid gets bloody noses like none other?? I guess fish get them too. ;)

Whew... okay, just one more day left to document from the trip. Sorry you all have to see these many many pictures that are mostly for my blog book I'll print at the end of the year!


Jill said...

WHAT fun, SO jealous !!!! Steves a big show off huh ;) he's GOOD at it though.

Looks like everyone had a blast.

Lisa B said...

AWESOME ski pictures!