Friday, June 6, 2008

Happy Birthday, Steve!

(day 158)

We're celebrating a day early because tomorrow, Steve and I will be on a plane to NYC bright and early. We're spending a couple of days minus kiddos there and are really excited. So, because of that, we're celebrating Steve's big 2-7 today with the kids. Kanyon is always excited for birthday cake and balloons... so that part is mostly for him. :)
We dropped by Steve's office with some balloons and a present from the kids. Kanyon really picked the shirt out and everything. Pretty good job, I think! :) Then we went to lunch together. We'll do the cake and other presents tonight when Steve gets home. I'm sure I'll have other pictures to add later.

Here are the kids outside after we got home from lunch playing with their own balloons. You know I would've left with 2 very unhappy kids if they didn't get a balloon too. ;)

Kanyon was obsessive about the balloon when in the car or outside. The slight movement out of his hands or towards an open door and the vast sky and he was screaming about it. I think he was scarred from our last balloon incident. ;) Seriously... it was like pulling teeth to get him to even stand outside today for a picture with his balloon. He was even nervous for Scarlett and she had no idea what his problem was. ;) He had to learn a lesson about balloons the hard way!

Happy (early) Birthday, Steve!!

P.S. Happy real Birthday, Ken! :)

An Update: Pictures from tonight eating Dad's basketball cake. :) Kanyon picked a basketball over a baseball or golf ball when we were making it today.

Haha! Scarlett's face here cracks me up. :D She's like... "help me..."

The kids thoroughly enjoyed it. Scarlett thought it was her 1st birthday again. They went STRAIGHT to the tub after. ;)


Jill said...


I REMEMBER poor K's saga with the balloon, poor guy.

LUUUUCKY you two get a weekend AWAY, alone. HAVE fun !!!!

Melissa said...

Happy early birthday to your hubby!

The sky in those last few shots is AMAZING!

Jen Bird said...

Happy Birthday Steve!! Hope you guys are having lots of fun in New York!! Devin will be ready to give you your birthday spankens (spelling?) when you get back! :) See you guys soon!

Lindsay said...

So cute that picture of the three of them blowing out candles!!

Mical said...

Happy Birthday Steve. I swear I didn't forget!! There is something on its way up to you guys. It looks like you guys are back from your trip. I will have call you and get all the details. I feel like its been awhile since I have chattd with you. The primary activity I have been planning the last couple months is on Saturday, so I don't know if I will have a chance to call you before then...we'll see. :)

Lisa B said...

cool cake!