Monday, May 19, 2008

Feels like Summer!

(day 140)

Sorry the blog posts and even my computer time is few and far between these days... It must just be that time of year! I've not even gotten my camera out much lately, but I did today regardless of the awful high noon sun.

The kids and I were outside playing all day. Little Kanyon's shoulders show it too despite the 50 spf I applied a few times. Nothing that the "green lotion" can't fix. ;) Funny how Scarlett already is showing some little tan lines and Kanyon is still an albino. Not quite sure if both are mine. :P

Steve and I picked up a new sprinkler for the kids this weekend and it proved to be pretty lame. :P Oh well...

Kanyon enjoyed it anyway. Scarlett? Not so much. I guess the water was still a little cold.

We played over at my friend Jen's house on Friday and her little boy Blake had this sand and water table that my kids loved. So, we saw it when we were out this weekend and decided to get it for the kids. A good way to kick off the summer since we're planning on being outside a lot this summer.

We're also trying to work on Scarlett switching from 2 naps to just one, so I'm trying to keep her busy and happy so she stays awake longer. This was her in the swing pretty much done and barley hangin' in there after lunch.
By they way, if Scarlett's swimsuit came in my size, I'd be sporting it too! Isn't it the cutest?? I live vicariously through my children. ;)


stacey said...

I love Scarlett's swimsuit! Too cute! I'm glad the lack of posting is due to having lots of fun kid time outside. How are you keeping them from dumping all the sand into the water side of the table? :P

Jill said...

SOOOOO cute, S's suit IS adorable !!! Looks like that water table was a HIT !!!

Erinn said...

LOVE the water/sand table!! Looks like a fun day! What cuties!!

Meghan said...

Stacey - hehe, there is no sand in the table at the moment. ;) It's a water/water table. :D I'm thinking I'll have to get over my "do not mix" problem (like mixing playdoh colors - I just can't do it!!) This will be the first step. ;)