Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wedding: Trevor & Alex

So, we've had the last couple of weeks filled with all things "wedding". It was so cool to see my little brother sealed to Alex for time and all eternity... they're really a perfect match! I hardly took any pictures on the day of their actual wedding, but while out in NC this last weekend I took tons at their reception (probably because my kids weren't with me!).

Trev and Alex coming out of the temple, married! :)

This is Mical giving me "the look" because I'm taking her picture. I get that a lot. ;)
Scarlett enjoyed the day... at one point she had my bouquet and was causing quite the scene sashaying around the temple grounds with everyone staring at her. This one is not a shy one in the least. ;)
At the reception in North Carolina...
That cake was good! :)

Exchanging rings at the ring ceremony...
Yummy food!

The infamous "face". Yuck. I have way too many pictures of Trevor doing this one.
Alex and the little bro, Mike.
The venue by night... beautiful!
Listening to the toasts.
Cutting the cake.

Trev got her good... although I didn't get a good picture of him, Alex got him pretty good as well. :)
Dancing the night away... can you tell what song is playing??

Thank you so much to Kevin and Kim for their hospitality! Mical and I had such a great time staying there... the only sad thing about having all the wedding stuff over with is not being able to hang with the Hopkin's family anymore. They really are a fun bunch! :)

Congrats Trev and Alex! Hope you're enjoying the Bahamas!


Mical said...

okay, I guess I deserved that one! Love your pictures!! It really was fun.

Jen Bird said...

I love the pics. I've been dying to hear how it all went. But, now you need to post some pics of you too. I've never seen your dress or shoes and have heard so much about it! ;) Cute couple though...congrats Trevor and Alex!

DESTINY said...

We wish we could've come last night- jim had already invited our Hawaii friends over for dinner. What night next week do you have a sitter? we want to go see Indiana Jones- so maybe we could all go together. I love the strawberries and blueberries in that container- i am going to have to use that someday.

Lisa B said...

GREAT pictures! I love the cake. :)