Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

We spent the weekend boating on Saturday at Utah Lake. It was a late afternoon trip out with just our little family. It was fun!

Kanyon liked to drive the car, as he put it.

Steve took a swim and also taught Kanyon to reinact the scene from Titanic at the front of the boat. He would say "fly like a bird" and out Kanyon's little arms would go. So funny!

On Monday, we went boating at Deer Creek with Ken, Babata, and their 2 girls. Definitely more refreshing water there! I guess we're trying to get it all in before it's too cold! Can you believe the leaves are changing already??

Kanyon was so brave and went tubing for the first time on his own! We were so surprised!

He took a turn with Dad and then Babata, Maya, Kanyon, and I took a turn too.
(photo courtesy of Babata)

We are hoping for one or two more good weekends before it's too cold! Although, I can't wait for fall... I'm so ready! (photo courtesy of Babata)


Jared & Heidi said...

I sure wish Marley would be a good girl on the boat. We took her out in my parent's boat...she freaked out about the life jacket. Have you found one to fit Scarlett? We went out to the lake with some friends yesterday and just left Marley with a babysitter.

Meghan said...

Yeah, we have Kanyon's old one from last year that is 0-30 lbs. We got it at Costco. They have great deals on them. Scarlett is pretty good in hers, but she's only just gotten old enough that we've had to put her in one.

Babata said...

Hey Meghan, the pics turned out great. Thanks for emailing me some of my family as well. We had SOOOO much fun yesterday. We need to go again sometime soon!

Jen Bird said...

Sounds like such a fun Labor Day!! The weather was so nice too. Let's get together this week and play.

Jill said...

Ok so when can I move to Utah !!! The scenery is BREATHTAKING !!! GREAT pics & I LOVE Kanyons version of Titanic, GREAT job Steve !!!

The Hanchett's said...

this is jim...i wish we were invited:)

Meghan said...

:) Thanks Jill! And you are welcome to Utah whenever you want! I've got lots of room to spare! I'm so not kidding... I need a photog buddy out here!

Jim, seriously, you guys are always invited. Steve tried calling you and said you fell off the face of the earth! From what I hear... you were pretty busy rolling your 4-wheeler! Glad you guys were okay!

The Carrie Collection said...

I want to see some pics of your wakeboarding, Meghan!

Meghan said...

HA! You see, there is a reason that I have not shared any... I suck. Well, let's just say that I don't give it a try enough. ;) Maybe NEXT summer!