Friday, August 31, 2007

Lake Days

We had a day and a half of good weather for the lake before it got all crazy on us with the rain, thunder/lightening, and flooding. The lake ended up being completely closed to boats when we left. Oh well... some good times were still had!

The wave runner is always fun and Kanyon enjoyed feeling like he was in control sitting in the front. He came out with Jen and I one time and fell asleep on the ride. Kids don't want to miss out on anything even when they're exhausted.

Scarlett enjoyed playing on the beach towel. It was nice under the shade!

Steve's never been more interested to look at pictures... I think all boys are this way. ;) Here he is showing off on the wake board.

Jen took a turn on the wake board too... even at almost 6 months pregnant she's a dare devil! No worries though, she didn't even get her hair wet! ;)

The knee board was out and both Steve and Devin took a spin on that. Devin had never done it and even did a 360. He was pretty happy about it as you can see! ;)

Steve showed everyone up on the slalom ski, but I even took a turn on that one!

Devin looked a little shaky at first, but was a pro at the end!

Kanyon was content just to hang out on the boat, as usual.

Wish we'd had another day on the lake!


The Hanchett's said...

Looks like so much fun!!! It must be nice having a cool place like that to get away too. Scarlett is getting so big! such a cutie! I have your books and will drop them by next week sometime- now that we are closer.

Babata said...

Yea! Okay, so you know I think the coolest picture is the one of Jen! :) A girl after my own heart...I'm impressed. However, I must say you look awesome too - like a pro. It's fun to see some pictures of Scarlett, she's changed so much since I've last seen her. This may sound crazy, but she kind of reminds me of my girls. Anyway, looks like you guys had a fun trip, makes me wish we would've gone with you! (well, maybe not this time with the girls being sick! :) )

Mical said...

Okay, two things...GO MEGHAN! I didn't know you were so good at that...also, where is Scarletts hair??? I think it would be funny if you photoshopped some on. :)