Friday, August 31, 2007

Grandma and Cousins

Grandma Brenda was in town for the first 2 days we were there, so we saw her a little. Never enough though! After she left, we'd pull up to Scott and Lisa's house and Kanyon would say, "Grandma's house!!" He misses Grandma... See you in October!! :)

It's so fun to play with cousins that we don't see very often... and Kanyon had a great time with Scott and Lisa's girls. Their newest addition, Tyler, will probably be his little buddy in the next couple years, I'll bet. He's so sweet. Yay for more boys!! ;)

Cute big girl Ella...

Allie was so cute with Scarlett and just wanted to kiss her all the time. We gave her a little more lee-way than usual so I could get some pictures. I don't know, I think she likes her. ;) What do you think?

It seems to me that the Go Cart is a hit with all the kids... and of course Uncle Scott was too. :)

We missed seeing Lisa out at the farm... but she needed some rest along with little Tyler.

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