Friday, August 31, 2007

The Farm: Part 2

The Toys!

Kanyon was enchanted by all of Grandpa's toys and probably loved this part the best out of the whole trip. :) The Go Cart was his all time favorite and he always talked about it with a lot of expression... definitely obsessed. I think the only obsession greater was with Grandpa himself!

This picture is courtesy of Jen... hehe... love Kanyon's expression and in matching shades with Grandpa!

There is also the Golf cart for tours around the farm... so nice and quiet. My preferred mode of transportation around. :) Here is cute Jen sitting on it with Kanyon wishing he could drive.

Grandpa on the tractor... or a digger as Kanyon calls anything that resmbles that.

Of course the Sonnenberg family vacation isn't complete without a little b-ball. Steve and Devin enjoyed that. Kanyon got in on the fun too.

I joked with Steve that he didn't know it, but he was doing something us cheerleaders call the "chair sit" with Kanyon. ;)

We would play until it was too dark to play... so fun!


Jen said...

wow the ranch or Farm looks beautiful! How fun that you guys have that to go to!

Mical said...

Love the pic of Kanyon and Steves' dad in the go-cart. The glasses are hilarious!