Friday, August 31, 2007

Out of a Storybook

I saw this cute little bridge and pond and just couldn't resist stopping for pictures. It's kitty corner to the farm... so extremely convenient. I'm sure Steve went along with it just to shut me up. ;P

(I did some photoshopping of the above photo to look more storybook-like, just to fit the image in my mind... I just want to sit under that tree and read a good book! Don't you??)

Steve can take a decent photo if I set up the shot for him. ;) He's learning how to use the camera a little too so I can be in pictures every once in a while!

Hmmm, after looking at my photoshopped picture these others really need a color boost! ;) I'll revisit these later...

A couple more from another day... the sky wasn't as nice that day.

Kanyon's my sweet little boy, but he's a climber and a bit of a dare devil that's for sure!

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Mical said...

It is so beautiful there! Las Vegas sucks.