Thursday, August 2, 2007

Cousin "Mayar's" House

We paid a visit to Kanyon and Scarlett's little cousins today. Kanyon decides he has a New England accent when he says Maya's name and adds an R at the end. It's really funny. He said Aliyah's name for the first time today too (sounded more like "leah" though) and really took an interest in her! He seems to have really warmed up to babies since Scarlett arrived. I think he's finally decided that they aren't that boring after all!

A couple of pics from the afternoon... Kanyon jumping on the mini trampoline. So fun!

Maya taking after her mom on the horse. ;)

Aliyah enjoying a meal... She's getting so big and starting to crawl!

Kanyon enjoyed shutting Maya in the closet... at least Maya was a willing participant in that little game of theirs.

Babata got some pictures that I didn't, I'm sure... so hopefully she'll blog them! :) (No pressure!)

We also had a fun morning with Kanyon's friend Paityn coming over to play. (such a fun, busy friend day!) I meant to get out the camera when they were eating lunch together with their little juice boxes, but of course I thought about that once I was tied up feeding Scarlett. Oh well... I'll save that for another day!


Jen Bird said...

Thanks again for letting Paityn come over and play. She had so much fun!! Oh, and he probably learned how to shove Maya into the closet because that's what Paityn does to him. :-) She loves to play hide-and-seek.

Babata said...

No kidding, no pressure!!! Your pictures turned out great! I love how 'soft' they are. Anyway, I did post a few, since I am addicted now! :) But, trust me, you got the cutest ones! Thanks again for coming out to visit. It made the day go by so much faster and I had tons of fun visiting. :)

Babata said...

p.s. I want your photography secrets, so teach me how to use my camera! :)