Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Deck Party

My Grandma had a deck party last night to celebrate my Grandpa finishing their deck. It was fun seeing family and having a yummy BBQ! My Grandpa was in charge of the grill and supplied us with endless hamburgers and hot dogs. :)

Kanyon loved their backyard and enjoyed exploring up by their garden.

He also got to play with some of my cousins' kids... but I had already put my camera away to eat when they arrived, so I didn't get any pictures! :( My brothers played random games with the balls and raquets... seems to be a tradition at Grandma's house. Kanyon got in on the action too, of course.

Scarlett was as happy as ever, but she is drooling so much lately I have to put a bib on her or her shirt is soaked. I'm thinking we are going to have teeth soon. ;)


Mical Henderson said...

Look at all the fun that I get to miss out on! Sometimes I wish I were closer...and yet sometimes I am perfectly happy to be far away! ;)BTW, Grandpas deck looks awesome! Ryan has so much admiration for that man!

Meghan said...

I know just what you mean! ;)

And Grandpa is the bomb. I've never seen a more perfectly assembled deck in all my life!

Mical Henderson said...

Cute new layout! I think it may be time for me to make some changes. But of course that would require your help. :)

Meri, Nate and Solee said...

Scarlet is too cute! That looks like a fun party! We need to have more before the summer is over huh?? We need to get together, are you going swimming tomorrow? I think we will, as long as Solee feels up to it!

Jared & Heidi said...

It's fun for me to see how old your brothers are! It's been so long since I have seen them. So I noticed that you're also a Twilight fan. I'm anxious to read it.