Thursday, August 2, 2007

Kanyon's Favorite Pastimes

Well, just a couple because you know how it is at his age... there are about 500 things that entertain him for a just a few seconds each day. ;)

He has enjoyed riding Thomas around the house lately. A birthday gift from The Hanchetts... and a well used one already! I learned how to turn it off the sound real quick though and he makes his own sounds. :)

Also, one of the best things... He really enjoys fishing for his puzzle pieces. It's the cutest Melissa and Doug puzzle with magnetic dots on the fish. Really cute. I tell him to fish for the shark and he is so excited to catch it!

And, as much as Steve wishes I wouldn't document this little fetish of his... Kanyon LOVES to put on my shoes... and not just any shoes, usually a very girly pair such as some heels or these great leopard print flats and parade around the house. He's really good at getting them on the right feet MOST of the time. Once in a blue moon he will put on Dad's manly shoes, but that's not nearly as fun to take pictures of. ;)

One picture of Scarlett, of course. She's really concentrating on this stuffed elephant toy of hers and trying to figure out how to convert her desires into action. ;) She has to really think before her little hands make a move to grab it.

Lastly, Kanyon decided today was the day he would pose for my camera! YAY! :) Probably because I've pretty much given up on him for the last 2 weeks and haven't had the camera in his face. I think he was getting worried that Scarlett was stealing the show.


Mical Henderson said...

I have seen those magnetic puzzels, they are very cute! I enjoyed the picture of Kanyon in your shoes...that is fabulous! Tell Steve he just needs to get it all out of his system now.

Cardwell said...

You have some gorgeous kids...I feel ok saying that about Kanyon since he's exploring his femine side in your heels. :)

The Carrie Collection said...

Just to calm Steve's fears, almost every little boy I've ever known has a shoe fetish. My nephew, Bradley, does, my friend Julia's son does... Well, that's about it but they are very manly little boys. Kanyon just likes to imitate you. Um, maybe I can borrow those flats sometime though. I really like them.

Lillian said...

My little Jackson just started getting into walking around in our shoes. I think he prefers mommy's because they are smaller and easier to walk around in. It's good to know my son isn't the only one wearing girls' shoes!!
Don't you just love our cute kids?

Meghan said...

Carrie - anytime, my friend! My shoes are your shoes! ;)

Lillian - Yes, I have since been told that most boys like to wear their mom's shoes. I really enjoy it! I'm actually quite surprised at how well he walks in heels... ;)