Friday, August 31, 2007

City Days

We spent 2 days in the city while we were in Chicago. The first day was just our family of 4 going to a Cubs/Cardinals game. It was really fun and we actually didn't get rained out until the 7th inning. (That was surprising since we happened to picked the rainiest week of the summer to go out there!)

Steve was in heaven watching his cubbies and it was fun to see Wrigley Field. Steve's brother, Scott, got us great seats and one of the players threw Kanyon a baseball. Of course, Steve was more excited than Kanyon was. ;)

Of course, going into the city requires dealing with this:

Yucky, yucky traffic... compared to this, Utah never has traffic! ;)

Here's Kanyon back at Grandpa's telling him all about it... and sporting his new Cubs hat, of course.

The other city day was with our friends Jen and Devin who met us out there and stayed at the lake house with us the last 5 days of our trip. We went to the city to see the United Center (where Scott works for the Bulls) the players locker room, and meet the VP of Marketing, Steve Schanwald etc. I'm such a dope... I left my battery for my camera charging at the lake house. So, no pics of the United Center. A quick trip to Best Buy afterwards got me one picture though. ;) There would have been tons more but that day it was POURING... so it wasn't so camera friendly.

We did some shopping down Michigan Ave and ate at Gino's East. Yummy pizza! :)

We didn't get to Navy Pier or the Shedd Aquarium like we wanted, but it was a fun day.


Mical said...

Well, it looks like you guys had so much fun!! I need a vacation!

Jen Bird said...

I love all of your pictures!! You'll have to burn me a disc. I just asked Devin if he had his camera home, since I have yet to blog about our trip, and of course it's at work again. So hopefully I'll blog about our fun trip soon. Thanks again!! We had so much fun!! We LOVED Chicago and LOVED being able to go with such great friends!!

Jared & Heidi said...

Looks fun! Gino's East is the BEST. Shedd Aquarium is definitely an all day event in itself and Navy Pier isn't all that in my opinion.

Meghan said...

Yeah, we've been to Shedd Aquarium several times but figured Kanyon wouldn't last as long as if he were older... and Navy Pier is only fun if you take a boat tour down the Chicago River from there. I just wanted to get some pictures of the Chicago skyline... :( Boo Hoo!! There is always next year!