Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Early Birthday gift

Kanyon turns 2 in less than 3 weeks. He loves trains and we already have started his little collection of the wooden Thomas the Train tracks and cars. So, today we gave him his birthday present early and that was the Thomas the Train table. He had a great time playing with it when Daddy came home from work. It seems that we are going to have to do some rearranging in his playroom to make some room for it... it's about time I go through the toys up there! (By the way, don't you just LOVE Steve's sweet hair? Not sure what's happening with it... I promise he didn't just wake up. I've been begging him to get a hair cut...)

We also did some finger painting today. I've done this before with Kanyon, but he's always been so funny about having stuff on his hands. Today went a little better, but he's still a little picky about being "clean".

I have to include Scarlett's latest achievement as well. She has found her hands! ;) I'm constantly hearing a sucking noise from her now because they are in her mouth all day long. It's really cute.

Oh and I included this picture of Scarlett "burrito wrapped" because it has saved us SO much sleep. ;) Thank you to the nurse at the hospital who took the time to pass on the art of swaddling a baby so they stay put!

Kanyon always has to get in on the action.

And a rare moment these days... my little son chillin' on the couch looking at a picture. ;) Most of the time he's trying to jump. (Looks like he's in need of a hair cut too!)


Jill said...

That is SOOO Keag when it comes to being 'clean' he HATES things on his hands & feet.....I LOVE it, saves me from cleaning up a 'dirty boy'....LOL !!!! That train table looks like a BLAST & im LOVING Steves hair that ROCKS !!!!! Happy early birthday Kanyon !!!

Jen Bird said...

What a fun fourth of july! I am just loving your camera. I've got a lot of things on my birthday list, but I might just have to put that at the top. :-) Let's get together today or tomorrow to play. We've missed you guys.

Mical Henderson said...

I had to laugh at Steve's hair. He's looking like Ryan these days...you'll see what I mean next weekend.