Monday, July 2, 2007

Back from Lake Powell

We got back from Lake Powell yesterday... we had a lot of fun! It was pretty toasty down there and we were glad to have brought an air conditioner for the houseboat. Scarlett did pretty well despite the heat and Kanyon loved the boat... Be prepared for a picture overload... no really... probably the longest post in the history of Blogger. :)

The houseboat - cleverly named I might add...

This spot was where we ended up staying in the end... it was great with all the shade that the caves provided... Scarlett actually was able to come outside and not be under a blanket!

We went tubing a lot... Steve picked this tube up before we went and it was a hit. (Not just with the kids! You can get some serious air on it!)

Kanyon's sanctuary... the boat. ;) And he took all but one of his naps on it too. If I tried to move him from sitting up most of the time he got really mad... I guess he was comfortable, although he didn't look it!

Steve was great with helping me out with the kids... it was actually a lot easier with them than I anticipated on the houseboat.

We went with the Hanchett's and Kanyon had a ball with "Ruke" (Luke)... at least he isn't still calling him Duke, after our little dog. :) I have to say, it's kind of fun taking pictures of other people's kids.

My little Scarlett spent most of her time hangin' in her car seat. She slept on the boat whenever she was on it and was a perfect little baby the whole time. I'm so lucky to have such good babies!

We even had smores and Kanyon loved that... he's always been a marshmallow fan. And the only picture you'll see of me... lookin' au naturale. ;) I did a pretty good job of avoiding the camera with my less than 3 months post-baby bod.

Best friends, Steve and Jim hanging out on the rocks and then jumping. Not my thing, but I need to learn to take better pics of this... oh well! ;) They weren't about to give me anytime to fiddle with my camera!

There was some breathtaking scenery down there and I couldn't resist... Sure beats Utah Lake!

The best part? We arrived home with both kids sleeping in the car... so Steve and I managed to get completely unpacked and the car cleaned out before they both woke up. Someone must have been smiling down on us that day. ;)


Lillian said...

I am a friend of Hannah & Ashish and found your website on their list of friends. You have such a cute blog and beautiful photos. I have a 20 month old and it's so hard to get a good pic of him with my snapshot, it makes me sad. Anyway, I know you have no idea who I am, but I just wanted to say I love your blog. Also, what kind of camera do you use? You can see my blog on Hannah's list of favorites, under The Hoyts. I know Hannah from when we worked together a few years ago - before she and Ashish were even engaged and now they have cute little Caden.

Jen Bird said...

I knew you'd be posting soon about your trip. I thought of you when I was watching the news and it said 107 in lake powell. :-) I'm glad you were able to get some shade. Sounds like so much fun!! We need to plan Chicago. :-) I'll call you today.

The Hanchett's said...

Cute pics. I think i need a photography lesson or two from you. I'll have to get copies of some. Sorry that last day was so crazy. Glad you made it home with both asleep. Ours both woke up about 1/2 hr. before we got home, but at least they slept. Luke slept a ton- recouping from all his craziness! I sent Kanyon's present with Jim today to give to steve. I am not sure if he will like it so i included the gift receipt. It says 1+ on it- so it might be to little for him. Luke got one like it (but a buzz light year) when he turned two- and i thought he wouldn't like it, but he loved it! -oh yeah- it is a big thomas the train that you can ride on and it makes sounds and stuff-in fact- i can't get it to stop making sounds. I thought i would give it to you now- instead of trying to remember durning the move/ birthdays/trip/ etc. should have written you an email!

Mical Henderson said...

Well, it looks like you had a fun time. I had to chuckle a bit at the first pic...not quite the luxury that I remember staying on...hehe. Oh, and I guess Troy is coming now. He informed me of that yesterday as I was wishing him a happy birthday. I will call you and let you know how the 4th goes.

Cardwell said...

Oh, I am so jealous! Lake Powell is the funnest place to go boating! You took some awesome pictures. We have the hardest time meeting up on IM to chat. Maybe someday it will happen. Let's try to plan a lunch/dinner/get-together one of these days. Have a happy 4th!

The Carrie Collection said...

Why is boating the best thing to do in life? Do you remember going out to Cooper Creek? That lake was TINY! Do you guys ever go up to Jordanelle? Deer Creek is getting warmer. I've never actually been out to Utah lake 'cause everyone talks such trash on it. So far Jordanelle has been my fave in Utah.