Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Four Generations

Steve's mom, Brenda, and his Grandmother Cahoon are in town right now. We were able to spend the evening with them eating dinner at Steve's brother's house. We wish we had more time, but we are leaving tomorrow afternoon for Lake Powell with the Hanchett's (which we're SO excited for!).

I was able to get a great picture of four generations... Grandmother, Brenda, Steve, and the kids: Kanyon (that's an almost 2 yr. old for you!), Scarlett, and Aliyah. Maya was the only one missing... And then a few more of Grandma Brenda with the grandchildren. A few are courtesy of Steve. Funny though, all the pictures that he took with me in them were really weird faces... I'm thinking either he tries really hard to catch me at a bad moment or I make weird faces a lot! :D I don't think I'll include any of those!

Oh and Scarlett is normally completely dressed but you know how those little ones are... always exploding out of their diapers! And just in time for the cameras to come out! ;) I guess I should put that extra outfit back in the diaper bag...

And yes, it really is almost 2am. I'm up way too late! I'll be back Monday with some fun pics from Lake Powell on the house boat!

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