Sunday, June 24, 2007

Couple cute shots...

I picked up my camera today... haven't been overly excited about my pics lately. Only so much you can do with a baby who can't sit up or hold toys and an almost 2 year old Kanyon who doesn't hold still for long enough! Tonight, for instance, he was running circles around my island in my kitchen... oh boy, does he have energy lately!!

I found out yesterday that Scarlett is pretty good at holding her upper body up with the help of the boppy, so I took a few pictures today.

I also got a couple shots of Kanyon playing with his kitchen and playing basketball with Dad in his playroom. Silly kid likes to stand on a chair - guess he's working on his dunk! ;)

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Jen Bird said...

Oh my gosh Scarlett is changing so much!! She is so adorable. We've missed you guys!! Hopefully we can go to the park once before you head off to Lake Powell. Paityn saw these pictures and started yelling "look mom, Kanyon!! I like him!"